Christmas Day Lunch for those who’d otherwise be alone

This is a great idea I came across today. A Paisley woman has been trying to raise funds to offer Christmas Day dinner and some company to those who would otherwise have been alone or hungry on a very special day. It’s nothing to do with me but I felt I had to share this beautiful story of compassion. 

Jodie Campbell has a JustGiving Page so if you’re in a position to give £5, £10 or £500 towards this great cause please do. I don’t know Jodie but I am uplifted to know that she has organised this. Here’s a link to her JustGiving page where you can find out more. 

Also a mention for Renfrewshire Cab Company who have offered to take 40 people to and from the event free of charge as they had no other way of getting there. In a World of much sadness and bad news its heartwarming to know there are still people out there doing good.

Finally, Happy CHRISTmas to everyone. Pause for a moment and reflect on what CHRISTmas is truly all about. Not presents, not toys, not dinner and all the lovely yet wasteful things we associate with it but the clue is in the name itself, CHRISTmas Day. People try to change it to ‘Happy Holidays’ but stand up Nd remind them, it’s actually CHRISTmas! Be proud of this CHRISTian country. Don’t let them take it away from us piece by piece. We don’t aim to offend those of other Faiths but whilst in their countries we must respect their Faith, in ours, let them respect ours.  #JustSaying


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